We provide all the types of services you need to get you computer back to its original condition, or better!

Our prices are set according to what the service is so there are no surprises, which means you always know how what you're paying for.

Standard labour and fitting work is all covered under one fixed labour charge. This includes fitting of certain parts which generally need the installation of software such as graphics cards, wireless network cards etc., and important components such as processors, drives and motherboards. This charge also covers procedures such as virus removal, data backup, or a general tidy up of your system.

This service is for the installation of an Operating System like Windows or MacOS. It includes the installation of the OS itself, every single update available up to the date of installation, a selection of programs such as an Anti-Virus, PDF reader, an office program plus any addition programs you may need providing we have the legal requirements.

Smashed screen? Bring it in and we'll swap it for a new one!

If your laptop has no power it could be one of a few things. One of the most common causes is the power socket is broken and needs replacing!

The cost of these repairs completely depends on the model of the laptop. Bring it in for a FREE DIAGNOSIS.